Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kolob Finger Canyons


I figured that while I was still feeling obese (Dr. told me I was 1 point away from that designation, whatever that means I also read that George Clooney is in the same boat!) that I might as well get some exercise by participating in my favorite past time, hiking. Renee wanted to accompany me even though she is getting pretty pregnant, so I began to search for an easy/moderate hike. To my surprise the hike to double arch alcove in the finger canyons of Zion National Park officially is considered such and even a good hike for kids. So with the thought of an easy hike for Renee and myself I decided to make things more interesting and invite Emma Thompson (my 8 month old niece) to come along so I could break in my child carrier backpack. The hike was much more intense than I had planned(for a pregnant woman and me carrier a 35lb pack) and I had to persuade Renee to finish the final stretch to make it to the alcove. Luckily for her, Emma and myself she toughed it out and made it to our end destination. I was very proud of her and other hikers were amazed she did so well. The arch alcove was one of the most amazing things I have seen in Zion National Park and even though there were several other hikers basking in the beauty I was still in awe of what forces could have created such a place, surely the good LORD must have some hand it!

For a trip report the trail starts off with an immediate descent of around 100 feet and for the most part is a gradual ascent from the floor of the canyon to the arch alcove. There are nearly a dozen times in which you must cross the river/stream (also part of Congress' Omnibus Wilderness Act designated parts of Taylor Creek a Scenic/Wild River and enacted protections on such parts) but the crossings are quite simple and most people will have little if any difficulty with such crossings. Along the hike, about 1 1/2 mile, Larsons Cabin provides a good spot to rest underneath several shady pine trees. The scenery also improves once past the cabin as you begin to enter between two of the fingers of the finger canyons. This hike would be a beast on a hot day so start early. Once you arrive at the double arch alcove you will be in the shade for what looked to be most of the day, atleast until the early afternoon, so it is a perfect place to just sit and enjoy such an amazing place!

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Kool when a Yuppie finally gets off the trail and scrapes his knee and oozes a little blood