Monday, May 4, 2009

10 lbs lighter


I have posted several times about my chastisement from the Dr. about my quasi-obesity. Well Im glad to report that I have lost over ten pounds in two weeks, unfortunately there goes at least partially my, "I need to go hiking so I can lose weight excuse."

Sunday morning before church, I decided to see some of GOD's handiwork. I set out with Trevor, Micah, Lindsey W. and her lil bro Dallin. We decided to tackle the White Rocks, White Rim, White something loop. We met outside of Snow Canyon State Park north entrance at an early 8:30 AM. I had a map and trail description from St. George Serendipity but basically it was a backcountry find your own route challenge. The hike was great, the vistas from above Snow Canyon amazing, and the wildflowers abundant.

This is what we decended to get back to the wash

I had to call Trevor a yellow bellied...just to get him to pick up this skeleton.

Lindsay and Dallin (he just was accepted into the Peace Corp)

First Overlook

A cool formation

Pictograph and Petroglyph Panel near the end.

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for the fun hike, Matt! You're awesome :)