Saturday, July 23, 2011

Left Fork of North Creek AKA the Subway!!!!!

There are a few rules that I tend to live by
Rule #1- Do not talk about fight club
Rule #2- Do not talk about fight club
Rule #3- When subway permits are offered, take them!!! Fortunately I was able to follow rule #3 a couple weeks ago. My buddy Evan Campbell called and basically said, "Dude, I have Subway permits and you are going!"  and I was like "Dude, Rule # 3 mandates I go." (Yes, I teach middle school) We (Rory, Evan, Clay and myself) met early and were the first ones on the trail and we didnt see a soul until more than halfway through the hike, they started from the bottom.  That meant we had oodles of time to goof around, swim, jump in the deep pools, go under the waterfalls, swim beneath underwater arches, make fun of Evan for being cold, take lots of pictures, etc, etc, etc! I have hiked the Subway four times, but this was the first time as an adult (I guess I could be called that now but I dont know for sure :) ) Before it was a fun hike, splashing, repelling, swimming, etc, as an adult it is all those things and more. In fact it is difficult if not impossible to accurately describe it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Because SCC (former 2nd job) is going under I have found myself with some free time on Saturdays.  With Renee (wife) slaving away at work, Niah (daughter) and I decided to get out and about and try to find the Yellowman pictograph panel.

Yellowman is roughly 3 miles off of Smithsonian Butte Scenic Backway near the town of Apple Valley.

The hike/scramble to yellowman is pretty steep but I did it while carrying Niah, 2 year olds, sometimes they are too independant and walk, get dirty, etc, others times, like today, you would have guessed the dirt was hot lava. Fortunately I found a geocache and borrowed a toy for her to play with in the alcove housing yellowman.

There were several other older faded panels and Im sure there are many more in the area. Definately a place to come back minus my little princess!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coyote Gulch

This trip has been several years in the making. After countless hours of meticulous research I finally was able to venture into Coyote Gulch, one of the most famous canyons of Escalante.

Because nobody I know works teacher hours or those who do couldnt come :) I undertook this backpacking adventure alone, well other than the other half dozen hikers in Coyote Gulch, including the two that offered me some illegal shrooms! (I said no, they said I seemed like a guy that would be "fun to trip with."  I started the long drive toward Escalante early Thursday morning.  Making good time and nearly at my destination all of the sudden my long wait, careful planning and long drive nearly came to a disastrous end.  At the Hurricane Wash trail head I heard a loud noise coming from under the Jeep and felt something dragging on the washer-board Hole in the Rock road.  Quickly I looked under the Jeep and to my alarm the muffler and exhaust system was dragging in the dirt. Being in the middle of the road I instinctively touched the muffler without thinking of how hot it may be and burned my two fingers pretty badly. After much cursing, both in my head and out loud to myself I backed the Jeep into the parking area, swore some more, tried to pull the muffler out (to no avail I may add) and after an hour of sweating, swearing and even praying I was just about to give up, hitchhike back to Escalante (by this time one car had passed me in the 1-2 hours I had been in the parking area), and call for help. Fortunately I looked across the road, and noticed a barbwire fence. After walking over and borrowing some of the non barbed wire, I ghetto rigged the muffler to the frame.  With the Jeep somewhat taken care of I decided I would hike from Hurricane Wash into Coyote Gulch even though that was not the best option to getting into the Gulch.

There aren't many places left in the world where the stress and chaos of everyday life can be replaced with sheer wonderment and awe. Coyote Gulch is one of these magical places. Upon entering the Gulch no longer was I concerned with my broken Jeep, or if the muffler would remain wired to the frame for long drive home.  Rather than worry about the inequalities of life, wars being fought, or even, in my case, midterms left at school yet to be graded the pure beauty of Coyote Gulch quickly and quietly calmed my thoughts. What an amazing place!

"say that i starved, that i was lost and weary
that i was burned and blinded by the desert sun
footsore, thirsty, sick with strange diseases,
lonely and wet and cold, but that i kept my dream!"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

Boy did I need a break from the grind of being a middle school teacher, fortunately I found some time to get out in the fresh air!

First some hiking in Zion with Renee's cousin Garrett and Cindi. We first tried to hike to Hidden Canyon but ice and lack of preparedness prevented that. So instead we hiked up to Shelf Canyon.  Because of melting snow water the canyon floor was covered by about a couple inches of water. We took our shoes off ran as far into the slot as we could tolerate and then quickly ran back to our shoes!
Here are some other pictures of our day! 

Next we had a picnic at Red Cliffs Recreation Site. This was one of my favorite spots when I was a kid and with the beautiful weather who could pass up a picnic! 

My last day before heading to Puerto Rico my Mom, Rory, Niah and myself went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes. I have never been to Coral Pink it was awesome! I for sure will not make that mistake again and hope to return soon.

After exploring the dunes for a while we head to an arch near Coral Pink. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Local Petroglyphs

Lately I have been looking for and finding some pretty cool petroglyph sites. I have always enjoyed looking at rock art and after lately trying to draw my own petroglyphs (Niah loves to color but she wants me to help so I try to draw petroglyphs on occasion) I respect the ancient ones even more! They are hard to draw let alone carve/peck/chip into rock!

Quail Creek State Park Site-Petroglyphs and other "amazing" things!

The DB surely stands for douche bag as whoever carved their name by this must be one! :)

Near Gunlock State Park