Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Local Petroglyphs

Lately I have been looking for and finding some pretty cool petroglyph sites. I have always enjoyed looking at rock art and after lately trying to draw my own petroglyphs (Niah loves to color but she wants me to help so I try to draw petroglyphs on occasion) I respect the ancient ones even more! They are hard to draw let alone carve/peck/chip into rock!

Quail Creek State Park Site-Petroglyphs and other "amazing" things!

The DB surely stands for douche bag as whoever carved their name by this must be one! :)

Near Gunlock State Park

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Phxhiker said...

Hi Matt: I went to Canaan Gap rock art site in July and also to the rock art around Smithsonian Butte. Have you been to those sites? When I was at Canaan Gap I stepped back on a stacked rock formation to get a wide angle shot and immediately head the sound of a rattlesnake underneath the rocks--it was a Western Diamondback sheltering itself from the sun. I jumped about 3 feet away and it stopped rattling. Nice area and I want to spend some more time in the area and over to Snake Gulch.