Saturday, July 23, 2011

Left Fork of North Creek AKA the Subway!!!!!

There are a few rules that I tend to live by
Rule #1- Do not talk about fight club
Rule #2- Do not talk about fight club
Rule #3- When subway permits are offered, take them!!! Fortunately I was able to follow rule #3 a couple weeks ago. My buddy Evan Campbell called and basically said, "Dude, I have Subway permits and you are going!"  and I was like "Dude, Rule # 3 mandates I go." (Yes, I teach middle school) We (Rory, Evan, Clay and myself) met early and were the first ones on the trail and we didnt see a soul until more than halfway through the hike, they started from the bottom.  That meant we had oodles of time to goof around, swim, jump in the deep pools, go under the waterfalls, swim beneath underwater arches, make fun of Evan for being cold, take lots of pictures, etc, etc, etc! I have hiked the Subway four times, but this was the first time as an adult (I guess I could be called that now but I dont know for sure :) ) Before it was a fun hike, splashing, repelling, swimming, etc, as an adult it is all those things and more. In fact it is difficult if not impossible to accurately describe it.