Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Because SCC (former 2nd job) is going under I have found myself with some free time on Saturdays.  With Renee (wife) slaving away at work, Niah (daughter) and I decided to get out and about and try to find the Yellowman pictograph panel.

Yellowman is roughly 3 miles off of Smithsonian Butte Scenic Backway near the town of Apple Valley.

The hike/scramble to yellowman is pretty steep but I did it while carrying Niah, 2 year olds, sometimes they are too independant and walk, get dirty, etc, others times, like today, you would have guessed the dirt was hot lava. Fortunately I found a geocache and borrowed a toy for her to play with in the alcove housing yellowman.

There were several other older faded panels and Im sure there are many more in the area. Definately a place to come back minus my little princess!