Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coyote Gulch

This trip has been several years in the making. After countless hours of meticulous research I finally was able to venture into Coyote Gulch, one of the most famous canyons of Escalante.

Because nobody I know works teacher hours or those who do couldnt come :) I undertook this backpacking adventure alone, well other than the other half dozen hikers in Coyote Gulch, including the two that offered me some illegal shrooms! (I said no, they said I seemed like a guy that would be "fun to trip with."  I started the long drive toward Escalante early Thursday morning.  Making good time and nearly at my destination all of the sudden my long wait, careful planning and long drive nearly came to a disastrous end.  At the Hurricane Wash trail head I heard a loud noise coming from under the Jeep and felt something dragging on the washer-board Hole in the Rock road.  Quickly I looked under the Jeep and to my alarm the muffler and exhaust system was dragging in the dirt. Being in the middle of the road I instinctively touched the muffler without thinking of how hot it may be and burned my two fingers pretty badly. After much cursing, both in my head and out loud to myself I backed the Jeep into the parking area, swore some more, tried to pull the muffler out (to no avail I may add) and after an hour of sweating, swearing and even praying I was just about to give up, hitchhike back to Escalante (by this time one car had passed me in the 1-2 hours I had been in the parking area), and call for help. Fortunately I looked across the road, and noticed a barbwire fence. After walking over and borrowing some of the non barbed wire, I ghetto rigged the muffler to the frame.  With the Jeep somewhat taken care of I decided I would hike from Hurricane Wash into Coyote Gulch even though that was not the best option to getting into the Gulch.

There aren't many places left in the world where the stress and chaos of everyday life can be replaced with sheer wonderment and awe. Coyote Gulch is one of these magical places. Upon entering the Gulch no longer was I concerned with my broken Jeep, or if the muffler would remain wired to the frame for long drive home.  Rather than worry about the inequalities of life, wars being fought, or even, in my case, midterms left at school yet to be graded the pure beauty of Coyote Gulch quickly and quietly calmed my thoughts. What an amazing place!

"say that i starved, that i was lost and weary
that i was burned and blinded by the desert sun
footsore, thirsty, sick with strange diseases,
lonely and wet and cold, but that i kept my dream!"

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Thanks for the comments over on my Cedar and Sand blog. It's a little eerie how we've done a lot of the same stuff--maybe I'll run into you one of these days. Your photography is outstanding!

Anyway, my email is

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