Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Observation Point

Observation Point

Originally the plan was to go fishing at Lee's Ferry with some friends, but due to unstable weather that plan did not happen and instead I was blessed with the opportunity to hike to a holy mountaintop. Some of my favorite places, ones where I feel truly at one with nature and its Creater come from locations with high panoramic views, which is odd because I am somewhat afraid of heights. For this pilgrimage I was joined by Dean and Cory. Little brother Trevor was invited but turned down the invitation due to his semester nearing an end and the need to attend classes. Because I had to work in the afternoon we left early, and that was the best thing that could have happened. Due to our early departure we were the only ones on the trail and once at the top enjoyed a solitude that is hard to find in busy Zion National Park. Be advised for any adventurous hikers wanting to reach the point. This is a strenous up and down hike. Out of the 8 miles atleast 6 are either going up or down. It is hard on the body and the knees but is one of the best hikes in Zion. Besides the views of the canyon below one of the most enjoyable, although in the morning it was extremely cold and windy, parts of the hike is wandering through echo canyon. We made great time, didnt stop for breaks and quickly made it to the top. Once at the end of the trail, when I say end I mean it, any further hiking would lead to a 2,500 foot fall. I have hiked to Cable Mountain, and Deertrap Mountain which both offer high views of the main canyon, but because of the location of Observation Point one has the best view of the main canyon. The view is magnificent, and because no one else was around a very quiet feeling of peace and reverance reigned in all of our hearts!

Dean cautiously peeking over the edge. Angels Landing can be seen far below!

Remember that little fin sticking out in the bottom left of the picture.

Angels Landing can be seen in the middle/right of the picture

Echo Canyon

Hiking through Echo Canyon

Remember the mental picture of the fin looking down on it from the top? This is the same fin from half way down the trail.

From the bottom of the trail one cant see the Observation Point. This is from on the trail, so not even at the bottom, looking up to Observation Point.

Same fin this time near the canyon floor

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