Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness Area

Last week I met with my Doctor for an annual checkup (I do this because if I dont my insurance deductible will go up) To my dismay I gained 13lbs last year and basically was chastised by the doctor. He informed me I was a fatty and was darn near considered to be the O word (obese). Even though I am now officially fat, I left quite happy, that meant I have even more excuses to go hike for the "I need to lose weight excuse." I quickly used this excuse when my good friend Collin and his wife Michan came to visit. We (Renee, Collin, Michon, and myself quickly decided, well mostly me, to explore the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness Area (CCWA) in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve (RCDR) The CCWA I believe was part of the much needed Omnibus Wilderness Bill that passed through Congress and was signed by the President earlier this year and surely deserves such recognition.

Good ole Colin Cleaner climbing up on the red slickrock

This was a cool bizarre deep red rock in the middle of the not so deep red slickrock

Hiking in the CCWA is something all solitude seekers should do. While initially we found ourselves almost surrounded by other hikers (various trails start and end in the same place) we quickly left behind civilization and found ourselves immerged in tranquility! One of the coolest aspects of this hike was the amazing rocks, and when I say rocks I dont mean red, sandstone cliffs, but actually small rocks. Unique colors and patterns graced our eyes as we, well only Michon and myself (Renee and Collin may have enjoyed them but didnt express the same emotions for rocks) hiked along the wash. After several miles it became time to turn around and instead of hiking back the same way we took an alternate trail up, around, down, and through the wilderness area. This was a more exciting method of returning to our vehicles and provided great views of the RCDR all around us, Zion, Hurricane, and LaVerkin to the east and Pine Valley to the north.

(Above) The view of CCWA

This rock had all these crazy perfect circles(above)

I didn't mention but the wildflowers were out of control. It was very pretty, and I know if my brothers read this they will make fun of me but hey whats wrong with a man enjoying flowers?
Cool little arch

All and all a relaxing day in a fun wilderness area! Someday I would like to hike further up the wash to see what is up canyon.

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