Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Break

Every once in a while I need a reminder of why I am a teacher. Fall break happens to be one of these reminders! At first I had some big plans. I almost quit job number 2 because I was offered a ride into the maze (still thinking I should have quit), but because of low funds and family coming down I decided to stay close to home fortunately I live near the mecca of Zion!

Day 1- After work I grabbed my visiting nephew to hike East Northgate Peak. I have hiked to the viewpoint but never scrambled to the peak. What an amazing, fun, quick hike. In just under an hour I was standing on top a peak with an amazing view of the more remote sections of Z.N.P. and the best part was I only saw one other person! Next time I will try the more difficult West Northgate Peak.

The drive home also was spectacular!

Day 2- Took the nephews to Kolob Reservoir to skip rocks. If you live near Kolob I highly recommend taking a drive right now to see the fall colors. The colors were brighter than I remember for several years.

After going to the lake we drove down to just above the Hop Valley Trailhead and hiked to the hoodoos just of Kolob Terrace Road.
Day 3-
In an attempt to brainwash my 17 month old daughter into becoming a hiker (I recently noticed she was enthralled with one of those corny cheerleader/dance movies that was on TV. I do not want a cheerleader for a daughter so I am attempting to turn her into a hiker by making her hike IDK?? ) The wife, baby and I decided to hit up the East Side of ZNP and hike to Hidden Gardens (thanks Tonya site for the suggestion it was a fun hike!) Niah (daughter) loved the hike, well mostly to play in the sand and pick up rocks anyway. Basically I carried her whenever we needed to move but she still had a blast!
Day 4: Went fishing with my good amigo Kyle Ballard. We didnt catch anything but had a fun time! 

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Isa said...

These photos are wonderful, makes me regret to be so far from Zion!
Very nice blog,
Isa, from Lyon