Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cave Valley Part Deux

Renee's "Crazy Canadian Aunt Kaye" sent me a text telling me that if I did any hiking over labor day she wanted in. Heck all I need is someone to say they want to go and I'll find a hike! I decided to take Kaye (Crystal and Jon also tagged along) to the Cave Valley Pictographs in Zion National Park just off Kolob Terrace Road. It is a short hike and pretty unique pictographs. The hike was enjoyable as usual especially since I found an arrowhead. Of course this being in the National Park I left it, ok really I buried it so nobody else could find it!

After finding the pictographs I ran back as fast as I could so I could go explore and look for another cave with archeological artifacts. I didnt follow the instructions to this gave given to me by good friend KDIDDY B but rather made my own trail. This was a huge mistake as I cut the heck out of my legs. I had little bleeding scratches all over them from running, ok I probably looked more like an elephant pushing through the undergrowth! I did find the cave but am not sure it was worth the blood lost :)

Perhaps even more rewarding was the flora along Kolob Terrace Road. I have never seen as many sunflowers blooming as there are this year. If anyone has some free time and doesnt like to get too far out of the car but want to see an amazing natural wonder drive up there!

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