Saturday, May 1, 2010

Falling Man and Devils Fire

After several years of hearing gossip of the existence of a magical sandstone location I finally convinced Renee (Niah, Cody, Rachel, Emma and Marie also tagged along) that we needed to explore this location. During the time dreaming, and planning I also found tons of other cool stuff in the area, so much that one could easily spend a lifetime and still not see it all. We camped near Whitney Pockets along the Gold Butte Road.

 Whitney Pocket, near where we camped.

I had two goals for this trip.

First to see the sandstone formations

two to find the falling man petroglyph.  I almost missed falling man as I walked past it and fortunately Renee, across the little valley, saw it and shouted at me to turn around and look

Nobody knows the meaning of this petroglyph but some speculate it could be someone fell near here and it was a warning, or possibly a death sentence for some unfortunate soul!

Along with falling man there was a plethora of other petroglyphs in the area.

The wildflowers along Gold Butte were also blooming which made the trip that much better.


Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE.................................................

Kyle and Emily said...

Spammers on your comments. Change your settings to modify comments to where you moderate your comments. Cool Pics. Are you using photoshop on those pics or are those natural? Either way they're cool.

伯函 said...
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Dr J said...

You mentioned in your email that you had finally gone to the area. I checked back then and your post didn't seem to be up yet; but, now it is. Excellent photos - almost does the area justice. For your future reference, you obtained maps and directions to the area from: and the blog