Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letter to the Governor of Utah

Here is a letter I recently wrote to Governor Gary Herbert
President Gordon B Hinkley said, “Here is declared the Creator of all that is good and beautiful. I have looked at majestic mountains rising against a blue sky and though of Jesus, the creator of heaven and earth. I have stood on a spit of sand in the Pacific and watched the dawn rise like thunder-a ball of gold surrounded by clouds of pink and white and purple-and though of Jesus, the Word by whom all things were made...what then shall you do with Jesus that is called Christ? This earth is his creation. When we make it ugly, we offend him.”

Please Governor Herbert I implore you to understand that as Bob Dylan said, “times they are a changin.” A new generation of citizens is beginning to take their place in the great state of Utah. Previous to this new generation members of the LDS faith carried on the traditions of their pioneer parents. For these parents the land was a hostile place that they always fought against for survival, they believed that the land needed to be subdued. This ideology of dominion is often why the older generation has such harsh attitudes towards today s environmental issues. On the other hand a new generation has begun to emerge. This new generation I refer to, of which I am a part, no longer believes in the practices of old. The land to us is nearly as holy as any temple or church, for many of us it is our temple and we agree with the writer of the Psalm who said “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” For us, just like Moses, Jesus, Enos and Joseph Smith, we need the wilderness to escape from the distractions of daily life in order to pray, and meditate. To end I pose a question if the Redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ created the earth including its natural temples, and cathedrals shouldn’t we protect them from destruction just as we would the human made temples and churches?

Please protect God’s handiwork so that future generations can see the Creators creation.

Matt Anderson


kolobflyfishing said...

Lots of religion talk in there for someone who doesn't go to church;) You should become a Buddhist. Didn't old timers want to preserve the land? I don't see many old timers selling off their farms or land. The "new" generation wants to subdivide everything and put up duplexes, I'd say you have more old time thoughts than you think. Remember Ed Abbey is in the fiction side of the library;)

Matt Anderson said...

Old timers like preserving their private land along with keeping fishermen like yourself off of it!! You do have a point about a small number of developers though.

Collin said...

Pike what the hell is that, besides the typological errors in there, you forgot a big aspect of our religion. This is the crappiest state this world will be in. This earth is not in its perfect state so quit treating it like it is. Making the comparison to the temple is too far out there for me, cause that is "His" house not just his backyard that he forgets to mow. If you buy into all this talk about turning 10 million acres into wilderness, then why don't you sell you fourwheelers? Interesting conundrum.

Matt Anderson said...

Just a quick rebuttal for Colin Cleanse. If I have more time I will leave a more detailed one later.

#1- Never said as sacred or holy, just up there

#2- Your argument about my ATV's is not very fair. I have never said ATV's dont have their place, thus the reason for me having two.

#3- My letter does not say anywhere in it that I agree whole heartedly with the America's Red Rock Wilderness Act

#4 Argument about the earth not being in a perfect state also is without merit. What you are saying is just because we believe the Earth will be made into something more magnificent than it is today, that means we do not need to care about the planet, we dont need to take care of it, protect parts of it... In other words I can just litter, pollute and do whatever the HELL I want to just because later on it will be restored? Like it or not the earth is God's creation and as President Hinkley said it makes God angry when we make it ugly! Those are his words not mine.