Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Normally every posting on my blog is dedicated to an inspiring place in or around Southern Utah. This posting will be the exception to my rule. For the very limited amount of people who glance at this blog know, I was soon to be a daddy and on May 27th, this happened and my daughter Niah M Anderson (yes the letter M and it doesnt stand for anything) was born. I will admit I was a little bit nervous as to how her birth would change my life. Maybe I was a bit selfish but I had a good life. Renee and I traveled around the Western Hemisphere, we slept in when we wanted, went to sleep when we wanted, etc, but it was worth giving up parts of my former life to experience the joys of raising the most beautiful girl in the world!!!


kolobflyfishing said...

About time I got to see her.

Lindsey said...

So darling, Matt! I'm really happy that you love being a dad! Twenty bucks says that you chose the middle name. I love it!