Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park-White Rock Trail Scramble

On the way home from celebrating Thanksgiving in Northern Utah, Renee's sister called and said that she and her boys wanted to do some hiking on Sunday and of course I was to be their tour guide. Now I was thrilled at the opportunity to skip church and enjoy the great outdoors, but I also realized that more than likely I would be stuck on the same lame trails I have often hiked where I have to fight my way through the crowds, you know the trendy hikes! As I contemplated whether or not I could find some solitude on such a hike I dreamt up the idea to find a more unique hike in the early morn with a small group and then later meet up with the rest of them for the usual. Due to not wanting to drive four cars into Zion National Park, we decided to go to a cheaper to enter but just as impressive Snow Canyon State Park. Cory, Trevor, Micah and myself would leave early and hike to the White Rock Amphitheater and the girls and children would come a couple hours later. The short hike to the Amphitheater was rather unimpressive but the almost U-shaped white valley of slick rock was inspiring. The reflection from pools was amazing, and my pictures do not nearly do it justice. Everyone in the group was impressed. Cory began finding changing leaves in order to frame a picture against the white sand. Trevor went off on his own, and nearly fell to his death, well at least a couple broken bones. Micah and myself though found one of the most beautiful off trail views within recent memory. Snow Canyon is a place I will surely return to!

Micah standing high atop the whiterock scramble looking down on Snow Canyon. While this was a semi-dangerous scramble to get to the top, it was well worth the risk.

Cory Darwin Reese climbing atop the whiterock.

Trevor nearly fell from the cliffs directly behind me!

Eventually we met up with the rest of the crew. Me, being an anxious being, quickly gathered up the youngsters and headed to the sand dunes. When I was a child I spent many an hour playing in these same dunes, and even as a semi-adult I still had a blast running as fast as I could in the shifting sand and jumping off the edge. After an hour or so of this we headed towards our last hike of the day, which happened to be a place I had driven by dozens of times, but never left the car to explore. Any visitor at Snow Canyon must stop at the petrified dunes and hike to the top of them. At several places the dunes form a type of stairway. It is pretty amazing. Perhaps the best part of the hike though, was discovered once we arrived at the top of the dunes. Countless moki marbles appeared as we arrived at the top it was a sight not soon to be forgotten.

Younger sister Kylee helping her older sister Danica down the dunes.

Renee and Mel on top of the once upon a time sand dunes.

Can anyone say Moki Marbles?

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Anonymous said...

Matt Matt Matt, Moki is spelled Moqui. Come on bro!

Your pal and fellow historian, Terrence